Welcome to the 10-8 Cyber Arena

This is where you come to be ready, responsive, and resilient!


Why the 10-8 Cyber Arena?

We bring together cybersecurity professionals and infrastructure owners to foster a community dedicated to advancing cybersecurity knowledge and skills, so that we can make our organizations resilient to advanced nation state threats. Join our community, where professionals come to be ready, responsive, and resilient!

The Results You'll Get

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of the 10-8 Cyber Arena:

  • Gain proactive strategies to defend against cyber threats, increasing your organization's security.
  • Enhance your skills and critical knowledge by engaging with cybersecurity professionals and infrastructure owners.
  • Learn from experts, master incident response, and leverage the latest technologies to fortify your business resilience.

When You Join Today

When you join the 10-8 Cyber Arena today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Masterclasses: Engage in comprehensive video courses specializing in the latest cybersecurity and incident handling scenarios. This enables you to stay updated with the most recent defenses against cyber threats and boosts your organization's resilience.
  • Cybersecurity Challenges: Participate in regular cybersecurity challenges where you can test your skills and preparedness with other community members. These challenges sharpen your incident response abilities, foster growth, and enhance your ability to better protect your organization.
  • Chat with Experts: Capitalize on our chat feature to connect with and learn from seasoned cybersecurity professionals and critical infrastructure owners. This encourages cross-learning, which helps to form effective cyber defense strategies and improve your organization's response to cyber threats.
  • Daily and Weekly Threat Intelligence Reports: Stay ahead of potential threats with our daily and weekly threat intelligence reports. These reports provide timely, actionable insights to help you proactively defend your organization against emerging cyber threats and ensure your defenses are always a step ahead of attackers.

About 10-8

10-8 is the law enforcement 10 code for "In Service."

Greg Crabb: 10-8, LLC Founder, Strategic Cybersecurity Advisor

  • As former CISO of the US Postal Service, led the transformation of the Postal Service’s enterprise-wide cybersecurity program to protect the agency and stakeholders from evolving threats and deliver innovative digital solutions
  • Has proven expertise in defining and executing highly complex cybersecurity initiatives, including securing the 2020 U.S. election during the height of COVID-19
  • Shares practical and actionable strategies that companies of all sizes can implement to protect their IT systems, secure their digital assets, and strengthen their cybersecurity posture

Greg Crabb's LinkedIn Profile

Andrew McCabe: National Security Advisor and CNN Law Enforcement Analyst

  • Spent 21 years at the FBI, combating organized crime as well as the growing terrorism and cyber security threat landscape
  • As Former Acting and Deputy Director of the FBI, oversaw all FBI domestic and international investigative and intelligence activities, and worked high-profile cases such as the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing
  • Fast-paced, eye-opening, and concise presentations packed with insights on the biggest challenges facing American interests now

Andrew McCabe's LinkedIn Profile

Nick Crabb: Cybersecurity Analyst

  • Current Senior at Florida Gulf Coast University study Computer Information Systems with a concentration in cybersecurity.
  • Supports 10-8 Cyber with vulnerability management efforts and enhanced overall security measures. Contributed to regulatory compliance by drafting cybersecurity policies aligned with requirements such as data protection, vulnerability management, and network controls. 
  • Creates key data-driven cybersecurity presentations and collaborates in control mapping and assessments against established frameworks.

Nick Crabb's LinkedIn Profile